OYO Near You

OYO Rooms, also known as OYO Homes & Hotels is an Indian hotel chain. It is the world's third-largest, one of China's top two and the fastest growing hospitality chain of leased and franchised hotels, homes and living spaces. OYO Near You turns OYO's self-operated buildings into weekend event hotspots. With exclusive events at unmatched prices, they offer great deals, every weekend.

A two day festival for Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore where old Dilliwallahs, and people who would like to explore a slice of Delhi in their city, and even the haters who can experience what all the fuss is about come together for a day of food, masti and exciting possibilities to make memories for a lifetime.

- Campaign Conceptualization and Development

- Festival Design, Production and Execution

- Catering and Brand Partnerships

- Entertainment

- Logistics and Operations

Moving to another city is a life-changing experience. We soon get accustomed to the new city and people and finally become a part of the place. However, no matter where we go, there are certain things that we all miss about home. And when you are moving from Delhi to any other cosmopolitan city, you are bound to miss many things. For a Delhiite, this event brought together nostalgic experiences and memories, all in their new home.

OYO Near You