Folk in Vogue by Asian Paints

With an endeavour to revive traditional Indian folk art, the store's debut theme brings to consumers a collection of beautiful wall and decor designs inspired by rustic India and Indian arts and crafts. Through ‘Folk in Vogue’, Colour with Asian Paints brings the skill and creations of talented artists and craftsmen from remote villages to modern lifestyle spaces and urban homes exclusively for customers of the stores.

India has been home to many a mesmerising art forms. Our history is embedded with ornate folk designs that have left art aficionados across the world spell bound.

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With designs executed by skilled artisans, from the birthplaces of these art-forms, with years of training and experience, consumers inspired by ‘Folk in Vogue’ can bring home colours and designs of traditional India and enliven every nook and corner of their house. Designs can be painted on walls as well as furniture offering a great opportunity to do something different and unique in any space.

Asian Paints makes this offer even more special with customisation, offering consumers a choice of colour or design. For ‘Folk in Vogue’, Asian Paints collaborated with Baaya Design, who specialize in six traditional Indian arts and crafts to create the designs, which are unique and contemporary yet traditional.

Folk in Vogue by Asian Paints