Nilaya- Under The Frangipani Tree

Nilaya is a curated collection, with surfaces hand picked from the best manufacturers and designers from around the world. This effort goes beyond trends, defining a style based on cultural contexts and guided by aesthetic instincts. The brand celebrates originality — in design, and in ideas that eventually translate into Nilaya’s signature surfaces.

The rose might smell as sweet by any other name, but not the frangipani. What is truly amazing about it is its everywhere-ness and yet it doesn’t fail to please, it never bores. Less fussy than the rose, not even quite as poeticized, not as spiritually significant as the lotus, the depth of the frangipani hides right under your nose. Its heady fragrance fills the air and pleases the soul. Its beauty lies in its simplicity – a creamy five-petalled blossom with a yellow centre melting into the petals. 

Under the Frangipani Tree is adorned with rustic elements like stone and wood. The idea is to blur the lines between nature and indoors. It is a clean, peaceful oasis away from urban chaos. Nilaya at India Design 2019 created a lovely atmosphere, inspired from nature's healing design.

- BTS and Campaign Photography

- Model Selection, Styling and Shoot Conceptualisation 

- Videography

Naga Stories is a stunning collection of patterns inspired by the myths and symbols of Naga art, and the daily life and rituals of the many distinct tribes of Northeast India and Burma. India Design 2019 helped one discover a series of bold and beautiful looks for homes.

Nilaya- Under The Frangipani Tree