Sabyasachi x Nilaya- Chapter II: India Revival Project

Nilaya is a range of exquisite wall coverings by Asian Paints, a perfect blend of the brand's rich understanding of surfaces and the Indian aesthetics. Nilaya’s range of signature surfaces – wallpapers, wall coverings, decals, borders and paintable wallpapers is curated from the finest manufacturers around the world.

Has there been an era more glamorous than the early 1900’s? Seriously doubtful. It was the age of inherent, aristocratic elegance and the pinnacle of refinement. Everything oozed luxury. And nothing signalled unparalleled glamour and adventure more than the great trains of yore.

All Aboard The Oriental Dream

The Sabyasachi Collection for Nilaya is a vibrant marriage of colour, texture and pattern that is inspired by the couturier's love for India. With Deepika Padukone as the face, the collection draws from his early life—be it the Royal Bengal tiger he spotted as a child; the Taj Mahal, the most loved icon of love and magnificence; or his home in north Kolkata. 

- BTS and Campaign Photography

- Model Selection, Styling and Shoot Conceptualisation 

- Videography

The new series of haute finishes and elegant wallpapers were displayed inside a replica of a magnificent train – the evocatively named Oriental Dream, authentically and delightfully detailed with vintage valises and a sumptuous bar with plush bar stools.




Sabyasachi x Nilaya- Chapter II: India Revival Project