Nilaya x Good Earth- Silk Route

Good Earth celebrates the heritage of the Indian subcontinent and of surrounding areas across Asia by creating unique design stories based on nature, craft, culture, romance & wanderlust. The brand is a bridge... past to present, east to west, essence to form. It is enchanted by history and the magic of daily life to uplift the spirit from the mundane to the sublime.

Silk Route takes on a visual adventure inspired by ancient trade routes to the East and the fabled places and cultures along the way. 

- Campaign BTS Photography 

- Videography

- Store Photography

- Event Photography

The Silk Route collection is a passage through three landscapes: Charbagh, with its splendour of blossoming plants inside trellised walled gardens found along the Silk Route. Palmyra, is an imagined oasis paradise with lush foliage and exotic birds in the vast deserts that lay on this route, and Xanadu is a fantasy of the land from where the Silk Route originated, across the Great Wall of China. 

Nilaya x Good Earth- Silk Route