Statement Furniture by Asian Paints

The chairs, tables and cupboards in your home do a lot more than serve a utility. Over the years they’ve lent themselves as a backdrop to your life. From the chair that your grandma gave you to the chest of drawers you used to neatly stack your toys in, they are bursting at the seams with fond memories of a time gone by. With Statement furniture, you can now immortalise that part of you.

The logo is a clear depiction of the service messaging, the unique approach to upcycling, wherein one can relive the memories associated with your furniture by bringing it up to date and back in your life.

- Logo Design

- Content Development

- Book Illustration and Layout Design

- Printing

This coffee table book is a catalogue of the brand’s up cycled furniture product range along with stories that are hand drawn and digitised with just the right amount of nostalgia, a lot like the service offering to help revive those sweet memories in the process.

Statement Furniture by Asian Paints